My Guys

Cuttin Up Maximus Stryker

 Stryker is EJRTCA, UKC and AKC registered and he is my traveling buddy and loves to  ride with me horseback.  This great little dog has now proven himself as a sire by passing his wonderful traits and exceptional good looks on to his puppies.  What a little guy....he loves to travel with and just loves everyone!!  He thinks he is special and he lets everyone know it, but he also thinks all people are special too.  Folks are always talking about how sweet and easy going he is about 10 inches tall and weights 14 lbs. 

Cow Country quigley of cu

 Cuttin Up Jack Russell Shorties proudly welcomes Quigley to our line up!  He won't start working until next spring, but I can't wait to see what he produces.  He is a grandson of Ringo.  He is PLL  & SCA clear by parentage and registered with EJRTCA.

Cuttin Up Maximus Granger

 Granger was raised right here at Cuttin Up Jack Russells and I  am very proud of this young man.   He is a son of Stryker and Morgan passes on their smart attitude and super good looks.  Granger is about 10 inches tall and weights about 13 lbs.  He has the stocky build that I like along with the really short legs and pretty head, He has proven himself to be an outstanding sire.   He is PLL and SCA clear by pareantage and registered with  EJRTCA and AKC. 

Cow Country Russellville Ringo

 Ringo is now retired and looking for a loving retirement home.  He is 10 years young and just full of life!!  You wouldn't be able to tell how old he by the way he acts!!  He is fun loving and just as sweet as he can be.  If interested in him, you are welcome to call me for more information.  940-631-6159.

Doc Holiday of Cuttin Up Jacks

 "Doc" is a outstanding sire passing his sweet way and super good looks, not to mention "smarts" to all of his puppies!!  He is PLL and SCA clear and registered with EJRTCA and AKC. 

Cuttin Up Tell Sackett

Tell Sackett was raised right here at Cuttin Up Jacks and he is a tremendous sire and I have loved all of his puppies.  He has everything I look for in my males and has proven himself as a sire passing on his wonderful looks and sweet personality.  PLL and SCA clear by parentage and registered with EJRTCA and AKC.