All of my puppies come with a health guarantee and up to date on shots and wormings!

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Jack Russell puppies for sale . Known for being calm, outgoing & friendly.

Jack Russell puppies for sale . Known for being calm, outgoing & friendly.


About us


We are EJRTCA members , strictly following their breeding standards and

Texas Licensed Breeder #286

AKC Inspected and Approved



 Cuttin Up Jack Russells is Dedicated to Preserving the Original Lines of the EJRTCA  

"Our puppies are adopted as family pets, some of which have gone on to show in agility classes and become SERVICE dogs.    Also some of these great little dogs have even become great SCENT Hunting dogs as well as loyal companions to loving forever homes." 

WE  DO NOT offer sales to Pet Stores, Wholesale Brokers,   or Research Facilities 

I have been raising ONLY Jack Russell Shorties for over 25 years now in my home giving them a lot of  love and attention!!


Texas Licensed Breeder #286 Licensed, Inspected, Regulated & Approved by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations

 We are proud members of EJRTCA and also proud members of NCHA (National Cuttin Horse Association).  We  are located on a small place just outside of Seymour, Texas where our little "Puddins"  have lots of room to run and play.  Seymour  is located in the heart of cowboy country, and of course we have cutting horses and cats to go along with our wonderful little companions.  These little dogs have been our loving friends for over 25 years now.  It doesn't matter if we are horseback ( they love to ride!),  going to a flea market or camping with the kids, they just want to be wherever  we are (even if we are just at home watching television).  We raise quality, healthy  puppies in our home.   At 2 weeks we start worming our babies every 2 weeks and they receive 2 shots before leaving my home.  All of my puppies are vet checked before being shipped to their new special home.​ 



​You know, when I got my first Jack Russell "Puddin" or Shortie named  Rocky, I truly thought I had just been blessed with  a very special little dog.   Don't get me wrong, to me, he  was a very special little boy, but after a while and getting some other little JRT's  I realized that the traits that I loved so dearly about  Rocky were typical of this breed.  I got Rocky about 25 years ago and I have been in love with this breed ever since!!  All of my little breeding dogs were hand picked for my breeding program based on the same loving, loyal, wonderful traits that Rocky had.  Be sure and take a look at them!

We realize that buying a Cuttin Up Jack Russell puppy is a big decision and of course with it comes responsibility, but the love, laughter and pure joy that a puppy will bring to your life will be worth it!   

​Call me sometime, I LOVE to visit about this very special breed of little dog!


Cuttin up Kiva puppies


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cuttin up eMERY puppies


Born  7-19-19

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