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Ringo and Piper Rose baby boy is here!!   He was born August 22, 2018.     Piper has proven herself to be a producer and a wonderful mother and her little boy is the cutest thing!!  Ringo has always been producer, as a sire passing on his playful outgoing and friendly personality.   Piper is  a daughter of Stryker and she has many of his characteristics... looks,  personality, etc. so this puppy will have the best of both parents.   Piper is small, standing nearly 8 1/2 inches and Ringo  is only 8 1/2 inches his self !   Little Pistol Pete will be ready for his forever home on October 24, 2018.  

Both Ringo and Piper are retiring and this is their last litter

He is PLL and SCA clear by parentage.

 All of my  puppies are raised in my home where I can keep a close eye on each  individual and give them all of the attention they need.  I start taking  them outside for walks when they are 5 weeks old when weather permits  and they just love this time.  I feel like a Piped piper the way they  all follow me and explore their new surroundings.  Each puppy will  arrive at their forever home with their litter registration papers,  complete record of all shots and wormings, and of course the health  guarantee.  I do offer micro chip free of charge if requested.

​                                                 Shipping in available if necessary for an additional $350.00.

                                                                 PUPPY PICTURES UPDATED OCTOBER 12, 2018

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